March 19, 2013

Noteworthy Banter. (Is it, though? I don't know. But it's banter I'd like to remember.)

Austin: Court. You cannot go home this weekend.
Courtney: Why?
Austin: If you go home, and I come there, where am I supposed to sleep?
Courtney: On my floor. Wait. You can sleep in my bed!
Austin: I am not going to sleep at your house at all. You're not even going to be there...
Courtney: Precisely the point. It'll be like a free hotel. I am seriously such a good friend.
Austin: No.
Courtney: On another note, I just realized that 1) I'm wearing the same shirt I wore yesterday and 2) my pants are unbuttoned which is weird, and I'm wondering how long they have been like that.
Austin: Ugh. Get it together.

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  1. I am sure this conversation was a lot funnier than this.. I am always sassier than this.


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