March 1, 2013

Do you know which kind of nights are my favorite nights?

They're ones that look like this. Meaning, tonight. I like tonight.

2 goods & a bad:

Good: At the beginning of the semester, I was asked to be on a campaign team, which I was terrified of. However, it turns out I am an incredibly decent person and decided I could do my part to help out the campaign, as it was something I believed in, anyway. Even more so, it was to help out a person I believed in. After knocking a million student housing doors at dinner time, attending numerous meetings, spray painting banners on the coldest night in January, and bombarding my friends and family with social media election blasts, Fiefia 2013 is now "a thing" and I am so proud. And seriously, I wish you could all meet Doug. I'm pretty sure he's the nicest human on the entire planet, and he sings like an angel. Watch this. But that's not why I voted for him. (I am an informed voter, dad! Promise!) I guess you could watch this one, too. He's just the best man for the job and he gets things done. He took home a victory tonight, and it feels good to have been so involved in it. Also, I got to attend some pretty wicked dance parties, which are not things I'm usually partial to, but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed them. And, I mean, while you're at it, you might as well check out this vid. Can you spot my mad dancing skills?

Good: There's a boy in my Survey of American Culture class. His name is a secret, but I've had a crush on him for a while now. Today, in the library, I walked past him, and he did a double take. It gave me some serious butterflies. I mostly think he's wonderful because he looks like a blonde Mark Wahlberg and before class sometimes, I catch him reading novels and making notes in the margins. He likes literature and one time, we shared a book in class. Can you say "MFEO"? (Jack's Mannequin, R.I.P.)

Bad: A grievance I would like to share with the inter web right now:
The drive-thru girl at McDonald's that works the late shift...
she could seriously use a lesson on how to fill up a fountain drink. I mean, really. She fills my Diet Coke up only 2/3 the way. It has happened twice this week. Next time, there will be words.
I drink too much Diet Coke...

Good: An extra good because I'm just feeling like I need another one to cancel out the horrific DC ordeal:
I just finished a conference call with Austin & Carter. It began with Austin not talking because he wanted to "Regina George" Carter. It didn't end up working because I A) didn't know what he was doing and B) didn't have anything to call Carter out on. Regardless, it was maybe the best conversation I've had all week. I miss you cuties like craze. See you in San Diego!

It is time for this blog post to be over now.

By the way...
if you know anything about blog alignment, layout, template, or any of that, please, pretty please with a sweet pea on top, shoot me an email.
Because I'm a technology idiot, and this blog is looking pretty rough lately.
Help me, smart people.


  1. I could probably help with the blog stuff

  2. Thanks for the San Diego invite....... springbreak plans my eye!


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