March 11, 2013


I capitalized all of that because I wanted you to read it like I was yelling it at you.

This weekend, I have become more and more in love with my friends. Like, college friends are good. Great, even. But these high school people... I'm seriously obsessed with them. Literally the funniest group of humans I have ever known. (Special shout out to Ray Pierson who, under a unanimous vote, was awarded the title of our funniest friend. Today, in church, I told her that I wanted a baby, and she just nonchalantly suggested, "You should make one". So, HEY RAY!)

I can't even describe the ways in which they've helped me grow. They've saved me so many times and I owe a great deal of my happiness to them. And OH, they make me laugh!
Like that time Rachael and I watched Chase shatter the picture of Henry B. Eyring with his elbow in 9th grade seminary... Or the time Austin ordered Calamari at a restaurant in 10th grade and passed it around the table, making us all try a piece... Or when Colton invited us to go see his horses one afternoon senior year, and we all dressed in plaid and cowboy hats... Or when Rachael started calling me Courcano... Or when Carter started hanging out with us in high school and we made fun of him for going to catholic school even though he was a Mormon like the rest of us... Or when Rayo started going by Rachel (a joke in and of itself)... Or when Austin & I kidnapped Kenzie during 2 period junior year to drive to Park City and ended up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer instead of going back to school... Or when we moved T-Hatch's car in the middle of the night at one of our sleepovers and she yelled at us in the morning... And how our friendship with T-Hatch was never the same after that... Or "The Path" behind Missy's house... Or "Stranger Pictures" at lunch, or DJ Stick Boots and canyon drive freeze outs... Or that time we were all in the same Foods II class and Missy almost failed it...

The point is that there are too many of these moments to count, each one dear to my heart. So.

Dear friends:
I know we didn't get top-of-the-class grades, I know that none of us were good at sports, and I am fully aware that we're a gossipy, GOSSIPY, clique-y bunch, but I'm seriously a fan of us. Let's be best friends forever.

Courcano/Courchkey/Crotchney/Couch/Karen Smith

P.S. Colton bear: thanks for coming home from your mish. I super love you, ya big cutie.


  1. Hahahahaha Chase shattering that picture....seriously one of the best days of middle school, ever. Love ya so much Couch.

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  4. What kind of test could we come up with to see if they love me more than they love you? I mean, I'm sure you're great and all, but I've always been the older, cooler one and we all know it. Love you Sis!

  5. I love doing this to you.

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