April 17, 2013

I am the Ted.

My best friend growing up, Jessica, moved away in the sixth grade. 
Now, she lives back in Draper with her husband, Ryne, two minutes from my parents' house.
We went to dinner on Friday night. It was just the most delightful thing.
My stomach hurt from laughing. I love that, even after almost sixteen years, we're still good friends and have so many things to talk about whenever we get together. 
Later Friday, a few of my favorite people came to party with me. We drank sparkling cider, gossiped the way we usually do, danced in the kitchen, and played Truth or Dare on Alex's iPad because we are grown ups now.
 Saturday, it rained, and we did some best friend stuff...
...ate our weight in Vegas Rolls and Edamame at sushi night and were obnoxiously trendy city-kids. You know the type. Then, Colton and I confessed our undying love for each other, and are now together 4EVER. See above picture.
(Just kidding. I wish. COLTON: BE MINE, boiiii!)

Afterwards, we sang karaoke (because that's just what you do at Shogun on Saturday night) and searched the city high and low for cheesecake at midnight. You know how on How I Met Your Mother they always go to brunch, sit around for hours, talking about their jobs, weird people they've dated, and laughing hysterically? And you know how whenever you're watching that show, you think to yourself, "Man, I wish I had friends like Marshall, Lily, Robin Scherbatsky (you have to say her full name or it's not as fun), and Ted!" Well, those sort of friends really do exist in the world. I would know because I have them. We are sitcom friends, and I am the Ted Mosby. I AM. 
Sunday, my cousin's sweet baby, Tegan had a second birthday party, and I wanted to kiss her cheeks all day long.
 And Monday, I got a job, spent four hours renewing my food handler's permit from my hot dog dippin' days, and getting certified to serve alcohol... it was a long day, but don't worry. I rewarded myself with a Big Mac because I deserved one.

Which brings us to the present, where I literally cannot remember anything about yesterday, and all I can think about today is the fact that I've got a literary research paper due tomorrow, (one I'm struggling to begin), and how weird it was that the strange maintenance man came pounding on my bedroom door while I was taking a nap to evacuate me from the building... there was a gas leak... Today is not fun, but the weekend is only two days away.

The only plans I have for the weekend are reading books that I won't be tested on. Great Gatsby round 3... HOLLA! 

{P.S. completely a picture overload... I am really sorry about that.}


  1. hahaha i like that i posted that as anonymous. -Ray

  2. I always post as Anonymous now. It adds so much mystery *<|:-P

    And real great pictures of me here. I looks so great in all of them. Or like a super creep. Yeah. A super creep. Interweb, I am not that scary prowmise.

  3. Just started Gatsby again myself! Wish I could see it with you. Did you get a serving job??


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