April 16, 2013

I'll tell you about my weekend once I share these glorious pictures with the world. It would be selfish to keep them a secret.

I've been collecting SnapChat screen shots for the last little while. 
If you have received a screen shot notification from me, it means that
I think your snaps are top notch. It's the latest form of flattery. 

Here are some of my most favorites from the past month or so:  

^every time I look at it, I laugh harder. I'm seriously sitting in my bed dying. still. 

^This was when I sent out a mass snap with only my silhouette, and asked "Who am I?"
Only my true friends made this Les Miserables reference. (credit: Haley A. Richards and Jordan L. Hansen. Props for knowing me front to back, you guys.)

^Rachael Pierson is by far the most entertaining snapper I know. I mean, this is a masterpiece.

Kris Jenner once made a cheesy music video, one I believe is worth posting here, entitled, 
"I Love My Friends". Me, too, Kris. Me, too.


  1. I like to put anonymous here because it's funny. And you don't know who I am....

    But we love you too QT ;)

  2. hahahahaha Court, I forgot to comment on this earlier. I love Colton's snap chat so much. Also, it is ironic that you said I am the most entertaining snapper because that is exactly what I say about you! haha we are totes fun friends.


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