April 24, 2013

Things that have to do with stuff:

  • My legs feel like seven ton boulders have been dropped on them. But really, I was just walking around a lot today, so that's why they hate me right now.
  • If I have to edit another one of my poems, I am seriously going to kill myself. How am I supposed to publish these things if I even hate them myself?
  • Every night of my training, they feed me dinner... sirloin, loaded mashed potatoes and unlimited Diet Coke... Tonight, I ordered a medium-rare kabob because I am a carnivore. Also, this job might be making me curvier. Homegirl likes her steak.
  • One of the itty bitty nineteen year old hostesses pushed me out the way tonight and yelled "move". I have sworn to hate her for all eternity. 
  • I work with a man who looks about my dad's age. His name is Milt. He says things like "Look at you go, sweetheart. You're just showing off now." It might be sort of against the rules, but it's just so dang endearing. I love you, Milton.
  • School can go to Hell.
  • Blonde Mark Wahlberg (whose real name I know, but shall not reveal here) and I spoke today in class. He's applying to dental school soon. He likes republicans, Joni Mitchell and The Great Gatsby. Today, I made him laugh. I like blonde Mark Wahlberg. He's dreamy.
  • THIS JUST IN: I have recently discovered sweet potatoes with caramelized marshmallows.
  • A good majority of this post is about food. 
  • I would rather serve people food all day than help them pair belts with outfits, which is what I did last summer. Remember when I worked for Ann Taylor? Retail blows. 
  • That being said, I am seriously going to miss those adorable teenagers I spent the summer with. Totally missing EFY. 
  • Go to this page and see the most embarrassing, least flattering few seconds of me EVER. I would be mad about it, but it's just so dang hilarious, I can't help but love myself for it. And that's important, you know?
  • I start school in a month. BE JEALOUS OR ELSE. 
Have a good day! :) 


  1. reading about food is never as good as eating it.

  2. Ugh, hostesses are the worst. whores.

  3. I get so excited to read your blog Kiks! Did you know that I check it daily? You are considerably more talented than the fictional "Carrie Bradshaw" ever was because you are witty and comical and endearing without having to talk about dirty things. -Love your sissy Mames!

  4. Just wait till serving blows. retail and food service, both blow. give it time.

    1. tooootally already done it before. it does blow sometimes... but retail is for sure THE WORST.


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