May 25, 2013

A little party never killed nobody.

I have too many best friends, I know. I get it. But it's not my fault we're so close! 

Yesterday was McKenzie's birthday. We've been best friends since the beginning of high school where I noticed her in one of my classes. I thought she was mean at first. She didn't talk to anyone and always came to class with wet hair pulled up into a tight bun. I didn't like her until we were placed next to one another during a seating rotation. She explained that she danced at a studio pretty seriously and never had time to do anything else (that was why her hair was always wet). We literally became best friends over night. We started hanging out together every weekend and declared best friendship over christmas break when I brought Butterfinger ice cream to a sleepover at her house. We watched reruns of melodramatic soap operas and ate straight through the carton with two spoons. We were written in the stars from the beginning. Anyway, that's the story of us if you were wondering. The story of this weekend is that I had a dinner party all planned two weeks ago. It was going to be in my parents' backyard under the trees with adorable hanging lights and homemade lemonade. But when I make plans, they never go accordingly. Today, my car had to be driven and inspected to pass an emissions test before it could get cleared to get re-registered. It didn't pass and I'm now driving my mother's expedition back to school for the next few weeks. Needless to say, I ran out of time to do anything, so a few of our close friends and I took Miss McKenzie to dinner at a pizzeria downtown and came back to eat store bought cheesecake. I'm even so bad that (and I'm embarrassed to admit) the candles weren't candles at all. They were matches. Quickest happy birthday song I've ever sung. The point is, it was McKenzie's birthday, and regardless of plans, I love the way it turned out. 

Also, let's make another plug for the best friends in the world. We love each other. We really, really do. 
Tonight, we sat in a circle saying the same Russian word over and over again, laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. Carter taught us swear words in Spanish, got freakishly hooked on Instagram, and Rayo fell asleep on the couch. She slept for at least a half an hour before the rest of us even noticed. We tried to get a good picture all together, but the self-timer app can only do so much, you know? The purpose of our get together was to celebrate McKenzie's life and enjoy each others' company. Mission accomplished. Because there is never a time where I'm not enjoying these loves of mine. And when I care about a person more than I care about these people, I'll know that I've hit the jackpot. More on that theory later. For now, though, we'll put our arms around each other and curse in Spanish. Just cause it makes us happy.

Also, have you heard this and this yet? The Great Gatsby soundtrack is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. We had it on repeat tonight. 

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