May 8, 2013

Update and shiz or whatever.

I spend a good majority of my time taking steak temperatures, and slow dancing to Garth Brooks ballads while sweeping my section after closing. Hence, the reason for all of the absence madness.

Also, my best friend just moved into town, and we've been spending our days shopping for home goods and buying groceries. No, not like THAT... Although, today, at the furniture store, the salesman asked us to both lie on either side of the mattress to prove that we wouldn't be able to feel the other move in the middle of the night. We went along with it because things often get uncomfortable when you try to explain the "no-seriously-we're-not-and-never-will-be-attracted-to-one-another" situation. It just begins a bizarre strew of "that's what they all say" and "I have these two friends who..." and "so you'll be paying separately, then?" We need a third friend to live in Logan. Holding auditions now. Midgy? Ray/O? Colt?

Anyway. My summer is already exhausting. But it's finally warming up around here and today, I bought white linens for my queen sized bed. Also, I moved out of the Hell hole I lived in and into an apartment with my roommate from freshman year. Her name is Kylee. Little victories.

P.S. the picture is my little Bean and me. I went home last Friday to catch up with my sisters who were in town for Women's Conference and Brinlee came for a visit during dinner! So happy to see that feisty girl. I love her so. Big shout out to my cousins, Madison and Jaime for sharing their tiny person time with me as all of my own tiny people live out of state. Love you forever for that!

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