May 15, 2013

"So, I took her hand, and I gave it a twirl 'til I lost my heart to a Galway girl."

Kissing The Blarney Stone... I've yet to reap the luck it promised, but I still have hope.
I haven't blogged in a long while, but two years ago this week, I went on a little holiday to England and Ireland. It was, perhaps, the best two weeks of my whole entire life. What I wouldn't give to be there today.

We spent our days in the rain, walking museums, and exploring thirteenth century abbeys. Heaven in my mind looks remarkably similar to the UK. Dingle Peninsula, Kilarney, County Cork... I miss it all. Want to read about my travels from that trip? Here, here, herehere, and here. I am glad I blogged while I was over there! Good job, Younger Courtney.

And do you know the best part? My family is from Galway, making me a real and true Galway Girl. Don't know what that is? Let me enlighten you.
Doesn't it make you want to go to Ireland?

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