May 19, 2013

I should have taken the broken hot water heater this morning as a sign.

This morning, when I tried to shower, the water was cold. Confession: I did not shower.

A week ago, I tried to get my shift covered for this morning. Three different people tried to pick it up, but they were all rejected by my boss because no one is allowed to work a double. (??) This afternoon, the same boss who rejected the shift changes asked me to work a double, myself. So not only did I have to work my shift, but I had to cover someone else's, too. Interesting.

I hate mean people. They are my biggest pet peeve. I wish I could help everyone in the world realize that mean people don't get very far in life. Especially those of the power-hungry variety. And don't even get me started on restaurant people. They make me sick.

Anyway. None of this is the point. The point is that I missed out on my friends tonight in Draper, where I was supposed to be. And do you know something? I was so excited to see them. Do you know why? Because they went celebrity bowling. Just when I think I can't love them any more, they go celebrity bowling. Please enjoy this picture that I should have been a part of.

Also, I can't end this post without a shout out to a few people.

First, my favorite Milton, who understood my situation tonight and told me that swearing would loosen my tension. And after I turned him down, which is another story for a later date, he said, "Wow, good for you" like he was really proud. I love you, Young Milton.

My mother. I called her in tears, hysterical, irrational, and angry. She, of course, asked me to step out of the situation, take a deep breath, and love those who've done me wrong. I, of course, rejected that, immaturely and stubbornly, but this shout out is for her because she takes the high road and loves unceasingly in every situation. She is stunningly selfless. Clearly, I've still got a few thousand things to learn from Nance Kearns. Earth angel, I tell you.

And lastly, Luke Wesemann who listens to rants like a champ, says the funniest things, and is one of the greatest friends I've ever had. I am constantly impressed by his devotion to being a good person, and I totally mean that. An honest, genuine, wonderful class act. You've got some seriously positive juju coming your way, my friend.

I've got a million reasons to be happy. There is only one bad thing to every millionth good thing. But ya know what? Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes, that scary pregnant girl you work with yells at you to fix something you didn't break, and you do it because that's you. You do it so she'll stop screaming, so that the person who is actually responsible for the mess doesn't have to feel as crappy as she made you feel. And just so you know, people will sometimes walk all over you, demanding your head if you don't show up for a ridiculous line-dancing meeting at 10:30 on a Sunday night. But if there's one thing that sets you apart, let it be the fact that you're nothing like them. Come next spring, you'll have a diploma in your hand, onto bigger things while the scary pregnant girl juggles her part time job, a bad attitude, and... what was that other thing she'll be juggling? Oh yeah. A BABY. Take pride in the fact that you know how wrong it is to take advantage of others. Be proud of the way you were raised, even if it gets you nowhere in the restaurant business. Hell, run with that! You weren't made to take orders and this is all temporary. Yeah, remember that next time they purposely make you feel stupid for not having time to heed to their every whim. It's not what you were made for and for you, it'll all be over soon.

I had a bad day at work. Can you tell? I hate that stupid job.
But there is always a small light. Today, that light was my dear friends and my dear family. I love you all to the stars and back, add a million Junior Mints. Because believe it or not, adding candy might be my love language.

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