October 8, 2013

Sky High Honey. Gone.

Tonight, I went to a concert. 

And when Joshua Radin sang My My Love, he said, "Grab the one you came with now because this song is going to make you want to hold onto them." And I shed literal tears. Because the one I had come with wasn't the one I wanted there. So, I shed literal tears. 

And there was some talk about how he doesn't think it's right to kiss a girl passionately on the first date. Like, he's a gentleman, and somebody I should be in love with. But I'm not. Because while none of my first date kisses were respectable, they were some of my very favorite, breathtaking moments. 

And he dropped by the other day to leave a note that said he hoped I was having a good day. And he calls when he's supposed to. And he's brilliant. And charming. But he's straight lines and line graphs. And he doesn't need me the way I need someone to. 

So, anyway, during My My Love, I shed literal tears because I'm never going to be straight lines and line graphs. But I feel better knowing he's never going to be rhythm and poetry for me, either. 


  1. This took my breath away. I feel the same way. I've had a lot of chances to be with straight line guys and end table guys and I should probably be with them still. But I can't do that.

    Joshua Radin. I hope he played Winter and I hope you cried for me. He's a genius.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. I agree with Emma. This seriously took my breathe away. I know this feeling. It makes my heart hurt.


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