October 29, 2013


So, remember a couple of months ago when I posted this? Well, here is what we were up to. I am so lucky to be related to such talented individuals and to get to be a part of something that's really sort of out there. I feel like there aren't many videographers that take risks like this. Sure, it seems a little bit silly, but isn't that what people told Picasso when he started to do his thaaaang? When I told a select few about this secret project we've been working on, they tilted their heads and said, "Sorry, you're doing what?" and then, I'd have to couple that thought with, "I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it's really cool." Sometimes art risks sounding stupid, but when this is the product, I'm telling you, it's worth it.

Also, my friends and family are seriously the bee's. They all jumped at the opportunity to spend their Friday and Saturday night with a team of makeup artists and a video crew with a vision. The people I know are some of the world's very best. Please note: my best friend, Haley. A dancer. In the black dress. Homegirl can contort her body into freaky ways. Love you, slutty zomb! And also, is my cousin, Melodey, not just the most believable zombie bride you've ever seen? YOU GO GLENN COCO.

Anyway, Madison & Dan Herbas are, no joke, THE BEST you will find. Whether you're looking for wedding photography (zombie themed or not...) or videography.
Want to hire my favorite team? DO IT HERE.

P.S. Acting like a zombie for two entire days was probs my fave thing evs.
Also, HAVE YOU ALL BEEN WATCHING THE WALKING DEAD?! I will kill myself if Glen becomes a walker, I'm serious.

Zombie Love from Dan Herbas on Vimeo.


  1. Stop it!!! Thi was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. I was also just in a zombie movie, but nothing like this!!!

  2. Oh my word. This was sensational! So well shot. It was gorgeous to watch.

    ALSO yes I have been watching The Walking Dead. So help me if Glen gets taken by this flu I will be 1000% done. I called that Carol killed the people. Why can't we just sacrifice Carl to the flu and the zombies? I will never hate anyone more than Carl. Ugh. So many feelings.

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