November 13, 2013

I graduate next year.

Hey, I have two semesters left of college and OH HOLY HELL I HAVE TWO SEMESTERS LEFT OF COLLEGE.

It's tripping me out. I was doing the usual, you know. Awake until midnight to register for my classes along with the other MILLION AND TEN STUDENTS REGISTERING WHO SLOWED DOWN THE PROCESS IMMENSELY (sorry it makes me rage-y).

And then, it hit me.
Going down the list, checking off classes I've completed, filling in the blanks where needs be...

Wait, huh? This part of  my life is almost over? I'm at the tail end? But wait, where's the rest of it? Where's that part where I magically find myself? The part where an intelligent young suitor comes in to rescue me from single's ward barbecues? Where is that dastardly handsome man I once kissed, who later takes me to the auto store and walks me through replacing headlights, but ends up doing it all for me because I'm cute and needy? (Oh, wait. Nvm. That part isn't a mystery.) Where is my college experience? The one I'm supposed to make big breakthroughs? Where's that part about this is the best time of your life, now don't screw it up? Like, was this it? Because I didn't get into trouble. I didn't really make stupid decisions. I was bold, said what I wanted to say when I wanted to say it, and now, here I am. Two semesters from that cap and gown.

So, now what? That's my question.
Come out of college with a degree and a few sarcastic remarks regarding the way I don't regret not pledging Kappa Delta?

What now, know what I mean?


  1. A lot can happen in two semesters :)

  2. We are so bloody alike it's frighteningly awesome.

  3. It's kind of funny to me, what the "typical" college life consists of to most people. The parties and random hook ups and whatever else. I've never understood how that's a reality for people.

    But anyway, I think the reason you feel disconnected from that whole best time of your life stuff is because it consists of things that you're better than. You don't waste time. You're exceptional and an exception. But that's just what I think.

  4. WE HAVE THE SAME LIFE it's fine and terrifying. Can we just make money writing about our feelings and watching obscure movies and drinking caffeine way too early in the morning?


  5. I'm just starting and time seems to fly already.xx

    dreaming is believing


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