November 18, 2013

Stuff about this weekend:

More often than not this weekend, I was put into awkward situations. But then, Sunday came, and I was literally with my family all day long. There was dinner, homework, Christmas music, a big golden lab, and The Walking Dead (pirate governor... WTH?!) Also, my movie-making cousin asked me to write him a screenplay for a short film and I was like WHEN DO I START. It was a good day. 

The main event of the weekend, however, was the arrival of my dapper Texan cousin, Stetler. He came in around midnight. He goes into the MTC on Wednesday morning and then straight on to CAMBODIA come February! It's all so exciting, but it hasn't hit me yet that he's going to be gone for the next two years. Homeboy is literally the best back massager IN THE FREE WORLD. Anyway. I made him take a bazillion pictures with me tonight because, after all, he's the reason I came home. Even if I only get to see half an hour of him. 

P.S. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WATCHED EVEN STEVENS BECAUSE SHIA LEBOUF IS MY ULTIMATE COMEDIC CRUSH (Speaking in hyperbole here because I'm not really sure if that's true).


  1. I love Stetler!!! He'll be so great. And umm... Shia Labeouf from Even Stevens is the reason I always wanted to marry a curly haired man. I have all the seasons on pirated chinese DVD ha ha

  2. aww i love this! AND OH MY WORD EVEN STEVENS!!! my childhood!!! Do you remember the Even Stevens movie?! like literally the greatest!


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