February 19, 2014


skin care routines. My ProActiv stopped working and I'm not jazzed about it. I haven't been able to get an appointment with my dermatologist because the wait list for that guy is UNREAL. There's this green tea moisturizer that used to work wonders on my combination skin, but lately, my face has been an episode that I'm not hot into revisiting. I'm looking for home remedies, hard products, and the dirty details of your pore healing miracles. So, if you've got a skin care thaaaang that makes you warm and fuzzy, give me a holler back, cool?

Also, if you find a way to make life un-stressful, give me another holler. I have been so tired lately that I've seriously considered putting Diet Coke in my tea... which doesn't make sense, I KNOW (but sort of, does it kind of make sense to you, or no?)


  1. One word... Accutane. Your skin will be so much better after the 5 month period you have to suffer through taking the pills. It's totally worth it. Just go to any dermatologist and get started on the process.

    My other three tips:
    -Try not to pop your zits unless super necessary. It just irritates your skin and spreads more oil over your face.
    - Don't OVER wash your face. Only wash your face once a day, and exfoliate 2-3 times a week.
    - Make sure your moisturizer isn't greasy. I love the positively radiant Aveeno lotion.

    And remember that your skin goes through cycles. I always break out when I'm stressed and right before my period.

    Kiss kiss!

  2. So. I've used Proactiv since I was 17, and it DID stop working for a while and I was at a loss. I had no idea what to do. Drew, "You just need to wash your face with hot water and rinse it with super cold water." The idea is the hot opens your pours and the cold closes them. I thought that was dumb, but deep down know he's right about a lot of things so I tried it.

    Aaaand it worked. My skin started behaving again.

    Also, with Proactiv, I found that even that green tea moisturizer just wasn't enough moisture anymore. That can irritate your skin and cause breakouts just like too much moisture can. I think getting out of the teenage greasy years and getting to the point where your skin actually needs more moisture might have had something to do with it. So I started using Aveeno positively radiant facial moisturizer instead, but still the Proactiv wash. There's also this Olay moisturizer that I love but it's like....$25 for a little bit and that's too much for me!

    (It's my opinion that Accutane is more of a last-resort type deal. But again, just my opinion.)

  3. Holla on the diet coke front. I think i'm going to set up an IV bag that just directly puts the stuff in my veins.

  4. AcneFree Sensitive at Walmart. The end.

  5. I'd had like, ONE zit my entire life and then you know what? 20.5 years old and I break out for the first time ever. kcool.

    The dermo suggested that salicylic acid (found in most facewashes/acne products) wasn't working for me and I should try the other common alternative chemical benzoyl peroxide, which is the main ingredient in Proactiv. He said to go to the drugstore and buy any facewash with benzoyl peroxide. Clean & Clear Continuous Control got in there deep and cleared me riiiiight up, but it's quite drying so I only use it when my skin gets feisty.

    At night I wipe my face at night with a disposable wipe, cleanse with the Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Oil, Vitamin E Serum, and Aloe Night Cream. My skin has never been happier/calmer/more glowy ever ever ever. T H A N K S E S S I E F O R T H E R E C S.


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