April 3, 2014

Hi, hey, HI.

My roommate is currently making out with a genuine rando in the living room. In a perfect world, her little escapade wouldn't prohibit me from entering the kitchen for my midnight cereal ritual, but a perfect world is far beyond reach for a 22 year old college student with roommates. And rather than face the awkwardness that would surely surface between me, their damp lips, and freshly tousled hair, I'll go to bed hungry tonight, straight up Oliver Twist. 

Some other things of note:

-my best friend got engaged to her high school boyfriend and I could not be more emotional about it. I love them so much.
-I put on lipstick, heels, and a mini skirt (that my father would undoubtedly disapprove of) so I could take myself on a hot date to the theater.
-...the theater where I saw Tarzan the musical and regretted it almost immediately. 
-Jude Law and I drove up a dark canyon around midnight to star gaze at an abandoned ranch and I literally almost peed my pants. Seriously. I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS. More on that later.
-the dishes in my sink are 1+ weeks old.
-Parenthood season 4 and I'm still team Kristina Braverman. Wish you knew how much The Braverman clan resembles my insane family.


  1. hahaha oh my word! your posts never disappoint! always making me crack up. and good for you for getting shmancy, and going to the theater... even if it might have not been that good. you are just awesome!

  2. Yeah hi. So I came across your blog and I must say I love hearing about your life and I can totally relate. You are a flawless writer. I'm grateful that people like yourself, take time write about how beautifully hideous it is be at this time of our lives. So thanks.


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