April 30, 2014


"I stand there, shocked. His eyes are blue and clear and fixed on me like my answer might really mean something to him. I take in a deep breath, about to say yes--I mean, why would I, of all people, refuse--and he bites his bottom lip, waiting."

Brb, writing a detailed list of all the similarities between Eugenia Phelan and me. Honestly, if I were a literary character, HELLO. 

Something like this happened to me today and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. When I collect my thoughts, I'm going to write them all down and share them with you. In the mean time, Kathryn Stockett LIKE WOAH get out of my head. 

Also, if you haven't read The Help, it is time. Such a beatiful piece of literature. 

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  1. I totally agree! The Help is so well-written. I feel like there are a lot of books that are about important things but aren't written in a way that really grabs at me. but that one is the best of both worlds. Important and has the kind of language that just grabs you.


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