April 9, 2014


-I did not cry about graduation today.
-I did not eat a piece of wedding cake at my friends' wedding, one measly day into the Whole30 program. And it wasn't delicious or worth it.
-I did not eat a piece of bread at The Cheesecake Factory, ya da yada yada, Whole30.
-Being around all of my high school friends tonight at said wedding did not make me miss them because I don't love them and they aren't fun and Austin's dance moves are nothing to write home about.
-I did not agree to a blind date, set up for me by a friend of a friend. 
-I go on a lot of blind dates because I enjoy speaking to, and engaging with men I, likely, have nothing in common with. 


  1. hahaha you are the cleverest. Also, have you seen The Paradise on Netflix? I just get the feeling you might obsess over it as much as I have been.


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