October 22, 2010

we're all a little bit freaky. the sequal.

because i like to parade my qualifications for a freak show, i will admit to the following facts:

sometimes i have to tap my fingers five times on my thighs before i can get to sleep. it is weird.
i don't talk to people sometimes. just because i will say awkward things. and i'd rather just not.
i haven't kissed a boy in... a year and a half? should i be admitting that? eh. whatev...
i wash my hands before i go to bed without fail.
wait. is that weird? or does everyone else do that too...
alliteration is probably my favorite thing. ever. i'm a sucker for words with the same beginnings...
i have a thing for michael cera... a big thing. like he is my favorite. it would be cool if i knew why.
i like mr. cera so much that i have a poster of scott pilgrim hanging on my closet door.
i liked the movie scott pilgrim vs. the world. and it was about video games and other weird things.
i just think it is hilarious.
{check it out here. then don't judge me. just remember how we're friends.}

sometimes i'm freaky. and i know i'm not the only one.
so if you feel so inclined, how about you tell me why you're freaky too.
there's no use in hiding it homes.
your secret is safe with me.

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