October 10, 2010

so i got tagged...

i feel so honored to be tagged in someone else's post! thanks court! love ya! ;)

1. What is your dream job and why?
being a curator for a museum like the met, or the louvre, musee d'orsay, the british museum etc. it is my dream to stan
d on the sidelines of some of the greatest works in all of the history of art and learn an relearn about them daily.
2. What is your all time favorite TV show or movie?
weirdly, i think it's that 70's show for my favorite t.v. show. there are a lot. but that 70's show can make me laugh no matter how many times i have seen the episode. i loooove it. my all time favorite movie is even harder. i'm going to have to say it's a tie between 500 days of summer, and my best friend's wedding. i guess i'm a sucker for an unhappy ending...
3. Where is your ideal place to l
easy. a tiny old house on a giant field of green grass that over looks the cliffs of moher in ireland. it would rain every single day and i could wear sweaters and rainboots forever.
4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
girls that can't control their hormones and flirt constantly. ew. just breathe. you'll get married. i promise.
5. What is the first thing you'd buy if you won a million dollars?
tights. all sorts of tights. and then probably a car... maybe in reverse order.
6. What is you're worst fear?
being buried alive in a graveyard to die... scary...
7. If you could be any celebrity who would you be?
zooey deschanel. she is really great.
8. Go to the 8th picture in your fourth album and tell me the story behind it!

little will...
i loooove this picture like nothing else in the whole world.
william andrew rose is my nephew.
so this was during the summer. we were shopping for hours and hours and got bored. our attention spans are most likely the exact same... this was in the makeup aisle. it was a very hot day in the middle of july and i loved it. william is my little buddy and i love his bright red hair. he is the cutest. it never ceases to amaze me that he is four years old, a little boy, and still wants to be my best friend whenever he sees me. i feel like we're attached at the hip when he comes into town. i love that little boy so much! :)

now it's time for some tagging of my own... :)

alex saxton.
megan sanders-smith.
caitlin craig... (yeah that's right. i tagged you. get to blogging caity caity shady lady!)
maddie air-boss.
marissa lynne miller.

1. what is your absolute favorite line from a movie?
2. what is your favorite halloween tradition?
3. what is your favorite seasonal clothing to wear and why?
4. what is your favorite part about weddings?
5. at what point in your day do you find yourself the most exhausted?
6. in all seriousness, what could you just honestly not live without?
7. if you could be anyone in the world, this century or before, who would you choose to be?
8. what is your favorite way to unwind from a completely ridiculous day full of chaos?


  1. check my blog in about 5 minutes and you'll totally have your answers:)

  2. Love the flirting comment...hilarious!


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