October 3, 2010

the anticdote to my unhealthy school filled life and how the weekend healed me.

cleaning checks.
hot room.
hot house for that matter.
dang that heater...
missing mother.
missing sister.
wish i had no school.
hating people.
which i shouldn't do.
but it's too hard.
occasionally hating life.
but not very often.
need new music.
can't wait for ingrid.
and sara.
hate the voices.
and the noise.
like people practicing brass instruments in the hall.
who does that...
i hate the comments.
among other things...

but what a lovely little weekend. :)

i had a mom.
and a sister.
and lots of other sisters.
shopped at target.
swam in my pool.
cuddled with my kitty.
loved seeing densley.
and haley.
bought sweater tights.
grocery shopped in my mom's storage room.
missed my dad.
played wedding games.
stayed far away from friends.
had some family love.

and now i feel healed.

how was your weekend? lovely? let's hope so. :)

while i'm thinking of it...
here's to one day...
when i'll be cleaning up a sunday dinner made for lots more than a loner, and planning out my meals for the next week.
when i'm not in a dorm, but a fixer-upper in progress. rickety boards and faded white wood.
when i've traded in roommates for a husband. that's weird.
when i have money to shop at target.
when i have way more pairs of tights than i'll ever need. wait. not possible.
when i have more tights.
when i'm graduated.
when i don't have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to my twin bed.
when i don't have a twin bed.
when i don't have a cracked iphone.
when i have experienced florence.
when i study art at the met.
when i'm actually who i'm thinking about right now.

here's to that one day in the far off future.

happy sunday. :)

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  1. "Good bye, proud world! I'm going home; Thou art not my friend, and I'm not thine” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I love being HOME too. Missing you little Sis!


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