October 27, 2010

and hearts too big to fit our bed. (but except hearts too small to be friends with that kid that pulled the fire alarm.)

sometimes i think about how yesterday was perfect.
minus alien class.

...but that's not important. it's not like i was able to listen anyways.

i'm feeling quite under the weather since i endured the evening quite literally under the weather.
hail, rain, snow and all.
because i am not a fair weather fan!
i am an ingrid fan.
hard core.

i just want to brag and say that we were second row. and it was breathtaking.
i know how lame that sounds, and i don't care. because when ingrid sings, i get chills all over.
it's almost like breathing again.
oh wait, no. that's sara b.
aka where i'll be november 17. :)

but back to my point.

last night was one of those nights where i thought of how happy life can be.
when it's snowing outside, and i mean slc snowing. the best kind!
and ingrid is singing six feet in front of my face.
i basked in this happiness all night. intoxicated by it you could say.
...until the fire alarm went off. at 2 a.m. and i had to zombie walk to the outside (how appropriate for the season...) with squinty night time eyes and all.
and six million people with the same face expressions did it too.
that's when the happiness ended.

i hated it so much. it's a good thing i got this picture. it wouldn't be worth it otherwise.

so maybe i played hookie today from school.
i'm sorry, mom.


  1. Are you sick now! I hope not... can't believe someone pulled the fire alarm.

  2. yeah. you and me both. yes. i am getting sick. i can feel it. plus i was in no mood for school this morning. it could've had something to do with the fact that my ears were ringing and i couldn't get to sleep until 4 a.m. ... ugh.

  3. i love this:) i'm glad you had an increeeeedible time. ingrid sings my life a million times over. so good.


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