May 8, 2012


something is in the water.
and it's love.
another one of my now-married-former-roomies,
this is brooke.
we met freshman year, and shared kitchen space. 
 we participated in karaoke bonding sessions during quiet hours, 
and stole lights from the elevator, all without getting reprimanded.
go figure.
it was a grand ol' year, and i am so glad i moved up to that 4th floor.
she's darling, and blogs here.
love you, brooke-brock.

I'm Brooke O'Gwin.
It's Irish, like the boy I married.

I'm not an indie anti-conformist, and I won't claim to be stylish, or witty. Though, I'd like to think I have my moments. 

I am LDS, 19, married, and proudly rocking the stereotype; thank you very much. 
I am a hopeless romantic in a world where marriage fails as much as it succeeds. 
Beside my goofy dreamboat of a husband, I'm telling that statistic to kiss my tiny teenage ass. 

I'm probably as girly as they come. 
I love a good read, from the classics to the young adult section, I appreciate them all. 
I'm rather hobby/talent-less, but I haven't given up on the fruitless search quite yet. 
I cry a lot, it's almost comical.  
I enjoy ketchup on my ketchup.
I'm currently craving baby, and grilled cheese (with ketchup). 
More relevantly, I love to write in the blog form.
Let it be made known, all blog love I consider the biggest of compliments. The lucky few I call my followers I will stick by loyally until my fingers are wrinkly, crippled, and unable to type another virtual sentence.  

Also, I do believe I have okay taste in music, but this song just makes me smile. More importantly it makes me think of my Courty Beans. 
Judge me if you must.

(i had to intervene and choose this really amazing video withe anime illustrations. because i just think i'm hilarious. love, courty.)

nice call on the song, brooke.
i thoroughly enjoyed it. :) 


  1. hahaha oh court. Thank you for the pure ART that is that music video.
    And hello Marissa Miller, I love you too, and am in the process of signing up to follow your blog.
    Look at all the people you are bringin' together miss kearns.

  2. Brooke Brock.


i like words. and you. write me a few?