May 4, 2012


let's talk about marissa. 
she blogs o'er hurr. (that was me mixing old english with gangster rap. just let me be.)
she's got the voice of an angel, and the mouth of a sailor,
she's like the most perfect paradox there ever was; i love it.
she's the harmony to my melody, and vice versa.
and one more thing:
 mostly, i just refer to her as "hot bombshell".

hi, hello there.
for starters, courty is a gem and i simply adore this little blog of hers.
i’d like nothing more than to skype her to give her a well-deserved round of applause.

my name is marissa miller.
yes. like the super model. i know this already.
i have hazel eyes, blackish hair, and freckly beige skin that becomes even more freckly during the sunnier seasons (which i secretly love).
almost nothing pleases me more than the sound of a mandolin or piano lullaby,
and my favorite song is whatever happens to be playing on the nickel creek pandora station,
although "slow dancing in a burning room" by john mayer comes in at a close, close second.
i have two tattoos and seven holes in my ears,
and when you say it like that, it makes me sound like a badass of sorts (which i also secretly love).
i enjoy winky faces, victorian-style homes, long drives to wherever is farthest, and almost anything more than wearing pants or shoes.
and by the time i’m done putting creamer in my coffee it looks a lot less like coffee and a lot more like a milkshake.
(which, naturally, i also love.) 
xoxo. ;)

Song: The Lighthouse's Tale, Nickelcreek


i like words. and you. write me a few?