May 3, 2012

my kelsey g-c.

one of my bests.
kelsey G-C.
we met in health class.
but really, we didn't. 
i love her.
and she blogs here.

I am Kelsey Gwen.
I am probably the most smiley and giggly person you will ever meet.  
I am a future high school English teacher.
My hands are often seen busily flipping the pages of classics. 
I hope one day to marry a man with the last name Fitzgerald.
I dream of big places across the Atlantic 
and little southern towns with more dirt than cement.
I believe in Christ. He is my everything.

Song: Come Back Down, Greg Laswell (feat. Sara Bareilles)
it is easy to see why we're best friends, no?


  1. I love this lady,and that song, and that picture ;) The end

  2. Hey we share a major in common. She's the cutest. Loveeeddd everything about this.


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