May 16, 2012

ikats and leopard print.

so i just got this new job where, pretty much, i feel like i'm andy sachs.
all of the time.
which is... whatever it is...
and i do love it.
but it still doesn't change the fact that i have no earthly idea what a chambray top is.
i'm never going to be one of them: one that survives on j. crew ads, gym memberships, and pinterest fitness boards.
and i hate neon. which is unfortunate for me this summer.
i guess i just don't swing that way. (haha)
for heaven's sake, i was so drained at the end of my meeting tonight, that i ate like four chicken tacos from del-teezy.

(also, for a girl mostly revolted by anne hathaway, i sure do own an awful lot of her movies.)

it has been A DAY, 
you know?

(p.s. ... the writing. i'm not even going to say any more.)


  1. again, we're twins, because i just started a new job too. but i don't feel like andy sachs so much. i just like your reference.

  2. Dream job. NO joke. Consider yourself lucky that you live in a place that offers such a job.


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