May 2, 2012

i'm the eighth train wreck.

 here is my this-would-happen-on-finals-week face.

i actually think that jane fonda is ridiculous and absurd.
...something my father would be proud to hear me say.
i watched the conversation this morning on lifetime because i was curious, and it just made me cringe.
and while it is as silly as it sounds, i am now addicted. it's like watching seven different train the kind where no one dies, but a ton of stuff is blowing up.
it makes me feel better about myself, my beliefs, and the fact that i'm not a raging lunatic like most of the show's guests.
...the series makes me feel better... not the train wrecks.
well, actually, metaphorically, the train wrecks do too, i guess.
this morning, the crimson wave hit me like a ton of bricks. except the bricks were on fire, and they made their way through my reproductive system.
(sorry. that was uncalled for.)
and on top of that, monday morning, i woke up with a wicked cold that i can't seem to kick from my head. or my chest. as you can imagine, it is uncomfortable.
all i seem to want to do is watch happy youtube videos of soldiers coming home from war, surprising their wives and children. it is keeping me occupied, and has me bawling like a baby.
and when it's that time of the month, if you can't beat them, join them.
so i have chosen to not study for my final tomorrow, and stay in bed pretty much all day.
(don't worry, mom... i'll study. eventually.)
i'm highly emotional, a little bit loopy, having dreams about my best friend's ex-boyfriends (sorry, kelsey...), and refuse to remove myself from this heating pad.
all while in the midst of trying to pack up my entire life. again. and finish school.

so. i'm peacing for a few days. it's busy and sickly up in hurrrr.
but my ladies are backing me up all the way. and i love them for that.
guest posting galore--my favorite thing. 

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