June 9, 2012

and i'm off.

i plan on getting sunburned to the core (which is not really a choice for me... more like the sun's sick and twisted advantage over my irish skin), loving on two of my nieces, one of my nephews, finding a mexican boyfriend (#yolo), and playing in the waves with my cousins all. day. long. 
i'll be back on this blog in about three weeks.
first, i'm partying in cancun, and next, i'm partying in logan with about five hundred kids under the age of 18 who really like efy... at least, they'd better like it. 
i plan on doing lots and lots of writing at the beach and eating up all of louisa may alcott's little women.
sounds like heaven, no?

au revoir! or... adios? 

my adorable baby nephews were born the other day, and i haven't been able to stop smiling all week. i can't wait to meet joshua paul, and caleb john. congratulations to my sweet sister, jules, her husband, marc, and tyler, taylor, and william, too. 5 kids... and counting? :) 

love you all.

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