June 5, 2012

i switched my tassel two years ago. and now, i'd like to say something to the 18 year old pictured below.

first of all, high school is not overrated. don't let one person tell you that. and anyone who says they don't talk to friends from high school after they graduate? they're sad stories, i think. they delight in belittling, whether they understand the definition or not. all i'm saying is keep your friends close, okay?

people are going to do mean things just to spite you. for instance, when you're reading through your senior yearbook and notice that even after two years of friendship and plans, your ex-boyfriend has tainted the pages with, "courtney: have a good future. from, daniel taylor", don't retaliate or let it poke holes in your new self. oh, but always use names. and remember that his mother is a nightmare, anyway.

after you throw your cap in the air, thank your parents and move away.
take advantage of your brother down the street, and spend more time at that apartment on 10th north than at TSC dance parties. i'll just tell you now that you won't be such a fan of loud music and sweaty mosh pits.
inhale zeppe's italian ice & custard, and stay away from madisen wardle. i'm pretty sure she's the devil. 
visit aunt nola, and water her plants. she won't be there long, and you'll wish you'd seen her more.
call your cousins, make frequent antiquing trips to the mouth of the canyon, and grocery shop at macy's. better produce. 
move upstairs, doorbell ditch whitney halford, and run like the wind when her scary roommate comes looking for you. 
adopt old girl, and don't forget to tell your roommates "i told you so" when they realize they love that plush chair more than life itself. 
keep good company while you watch notting hill, and don't be afraid to start a conversation.

and by the way... 
nothing goes according to plan. two years from now, you could be following a dream, scared out of your mind, and moving to the city. it is possible, you know. in the mean time, save your money, and give cache valley three kisses for me. 

love, love, 
older you.


  1. 10th north apartment... good times.

  2. austin wrote the same thing in my sophomore yearbook. but we had just broken up, so i forgive him. and laugh hysterically at it now.

    1. Dear Elsa,
      I'm glad I decided to search Daniel in Court's blog to see what she wrote about him ( I was a little bored....). And I came across this little comment, and laughed pretty hard. those were the days..... Sorry I was crazy..... I wonder if you'll see this?

  3. goosebumps galore. love this and love you.
    So glad you are one of my best friends in the world, Courty.


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