June 1, 2012

because he's ridiculous, brilliant, and had a crush on me for one whole day but denies it completely. and i still hold it over his head because it's a secret he should have never told me. also, he has six months left.

six reasons why i can't wait to see his face:
6. because this song gets more exciting every day. 
5. because he buys large popcorn at the movie theater and lets me share it without paying a cent. it's called freeloading, and i practically invented it.
4. because he doesn't think i'm tacky for number 5. or, maybe he does.
3. because he keeps the first letter i wrote him in his wallet even though it's waterlogged and unreadable. which means he misses me, too.
2. because he does my math homework.
1. because he's austin. and i miss my adorable best friend.

p.s. i love this photo.

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