June 6, 2012

love. the real kind.

i just read this and thought i'd share. 

it's so refreshing to hear that people admire our faith, especially in this time we live in where it has become almost trendy to shy away from "those weirdos who don't drink coffee".

it was a breath of fresh air to read such positive words regarding my beliefs, and the things that i'll stand up for under any circumstance. it made me more proud to be a part of my church, and helped me to remember that no matter who we are, what we believe in, we can all teach each other something wonderful.

today i was taught that people are nice. just because.

sarah tucker, you're so lovely. thank you.

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  1. Oh my goodness i love this i love this i love this! Made me feel good. respect for other religions, tolerance all around, can't get any better.
    -Emily Steele


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