June 23, 2012

this part of my life is entitled, "sometimes i don't think i can take another step, and then i do".

the last week has been an interesting one.
i struggled. a lot.

i won't go into so much detail, because such detail is unnecessary and counterproductive, but i would just like to record my progress with these words, and remind myself at a later date that i can do hard things. me. i can. and while i can never do them alone, i can do them.

this week, i felt the ground clawing at my knees, harassing, teasing, and provoking them to collapse, all while my heart continued in prayer. it was a constant prayer, a week long pleading with the Lord to soften my heart, and make me a more finely painted portrait of Him.

and if there had been any doubt in my mind of His existence, His love, or His unending mercy before, i can assure you that it is gone now. i have learned that while His people are often times inconsistent and their priorities prove to be misshapen, he is infinitely and resoundingly perfect; his gospel is the same.

this one goes in the books, i think.

i hope there's someone reading this who needed to hear it as much as i needed to write it. 


  1. You got your wish, darling.

    THANK YOU for sharing. This week has been one torturous hellish week. It sucked. Thanks for the reminder of everything worth knowing and feeling. I sure love yah!


  2. thank you, thank you, thank you. oh, and thank you.

  3. Yep! Love you! :) Missing you like crazy!


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