September 23, 2012

a truth universally acknowledged.

 "my good opinion once lost is lost forever."
"oh, dear. i cannot tease you about that. and what a shame! for, i dearly love to laugh."
pride & prejudice, jane austen

i like to imagine our meeting in heaven, jane's an mine.
there'll probably be mint tea and white linen couches to sit on. 
a table, with lace doilies and a ruffled skirt.
she'll walk me through her writing process, and i'll tell her my kardashian theory, and how she manifested a family with her pen, even two hundred years before reality television!
(well, first, i'll explain reality television. and television in general.)
how kris is mrs. bennett, kendall and kylee are spitting images of kitty and lydia... and i'm still trying to decide which sister gets to be mary...
but, i do have the rest of my life to map it all out. SO NOBODY PANIC.
i'm sure she'll just eat it up.
and i'm just going to predict right now that these meetings will happen weekly.
she's got a lot of celebrity gossip to catch up on, and you know she'll be fascinated by it.

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  1. I'm anticipating these meetings going well and at the end of them I suppose she'll say "By the way, the Bennetts are a real family, and I would be happy to introduce you to Jane Bingley and Elizabeth Darcy!" at which point you would die...again.


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