September 17, 2012

the little girl in the yellow dress.

     "but i'm too little," the little girl frowned.
     "yes, but someday, you'll be just the right size," comforted the mother.
     "how do you know?" the five year old kicked her heels together in an unmistakeable upset.
     "because... i just do." her mother smiled one of those smiles that mothers do, and continued her walk in the fresh produce section.
     "and when i'm big," the girl continued, tracing her mother's footsteps with her own two, small feet buckled in baby janes, "i will wear one, too?"
     "i suppose," mother lifted a head of lettuce to the light above her, examining every inch, but finding herself distracted by a different item. she held the lettuce with her right hand, while a small diamond on her left stole the attention. she stood quiet for a moment, wiggling her finger to catch the light.
     "and what if i don't?" she asked.
     "then i will love you just the same, my cora," mother set the lettuce down carefully, and lowered herself to meet her daughter at eye level, kissing her round cheeks twice. the two of them continued to walk. cora shuffled her feet along the tile, creating scuff marks.
     "and then will i be like you?" she wondered. the mother fell silent, unsure of what to say next, when a tall man with hair combed back in gel, wearing a crisp red tie snuck up behind her.
     "oh, i do hope so," the man remarked, kissing the woman. on the lips. the little girl tilted her head and smiled.
     "and who'll be like you?" the little girl asked. the man straightened his tie, raised an eyebrow to his daughter, and after a moment, whispered in her ear.
     "my darling," he began, "that is entirely up to you," he finished.
     the little girl stood still for a few seconds in her yellow dress. she examined the ruffles at her ankles and ran her fingers over the ribbon in her hair. the father stared at her, feeling as though he were watching the wheels turn in her very mind, proud of the thoughts that had been provoked.
     "well," the little girl said, "i hope that he'll kiss me on the mouth."
     the mother and father looked at each other, smirking. the man winked at his wife, and in that moment, the little girl knew she must have been the luckiest girl in the world.


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