September 21, 2012

the prettiest one.

hi, mom. 
you're probably wondering why this picture of you is on my blog. 
well, let me tell you. 

did you know i always watch you?
always have, always will. 
did you know that i notice the way you spread peanut butter on your banana, cutting one big gash down the middle, then filling the hollow space?
and did you know that i do it, too?
today is your birthday.
i don't remember how old you are. 
i'm sure i could do the math, but i'm not so into that kind of thing--doing math, that is... a trait didn't exactly inherit from dad...
however, the other traits i inherited from you are golden. for instance:
you taught me to love europe. you bring it to life every time we go back, and i could swear that in each museum we visit, i am a carbon copy of you as i point and nod in silence, taking in every breath stroke. thanks for teaching me to feel the art with everything i am, and thanks for letting me talk your ear off about it later.
thanks for all of those weekends of showtunes saturday night, subway dinner runs (even though you prefer it for lunch), and nights out at the dollar theater. they have been some of my favorites.
i remember the first time i was introduced to katharine hepburn and humphrey bogart in the african queen. we had both come down with the flu, and were confined to your bed with nothing but the company of each other, and the AMC classics. even as a little girl, it was one of my most favorite weeks, and remains to be something i will never forget.
thank you for loving literature.
and symbolism.
and dense, heavy writing that melts as it dances on paper.
thank you for teaching me that that's what writing should do.
i love coming home from a long few weeks at school and seeing you making peach jam in the kitchen.
i love that my face resembles yours more and more each day, and i love that other people notice, too.
thank you for being my mom and loving me even when i get traffic tickets.
also, sometimes, behind your back, i call you nance.
but, to be fair, you call me by my first name, too...
i love you the most-est from coast-est to coast-est.
you're the most wonderful woman on the face of the earth, and i hope to be just like you some day.

happy birthday, mama!

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  1. This is perfect, Court. Happy Birthday to your mamamamama.


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