September 5, 2012

"who's. chasing. you? nobody. get it?"

oh, the clarity that comes with harsh reality and friends who tell you like it is.
justifying and making exceptions.
it's never going to change the facts, and that blows.
it really, really, really blows.
however, i'mma handle this one like a champ. like julianne potter.

and "by god, there will be dancing." 

p.s. tonight i started nailing things to my wall at midnight.
it didn't exactly get me any friends.
p.p.s. this song is quite possibly the best one i have heard in a long time.
we were all silently thinking it (i was, at least). i'm glad somebody finally had the guts to write it. this is why i love her. (also, if you hate swearing, probably this song isn't going to be your most favorite... sorry...) without further ado, my angry anthem.


  1. I just watched this movie the other day, and basically balled my eyes out. When did it get so heartbreaking? or was I just having a, I'm not sure I want to live in a world where Julia Roberts doesn't win them all in the end, moment?

  2. I love your words and you. You're just really great. And ohhh what I'd give to be nailing things in the wall with you!....atttt midnight. Miss you!

  3. MY favorite movie of all time. Love you sista.


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