September 6, 2012

read the last sentence of this post. that's the title.

what is true love?
"it's when they hug and kiss. and, um, be happy together."
"true love is when you love somebody soooo much. like, us girls, we love... chris brown. you don't know him."

what's the perfect date?
"you take somebody to applebee's. and you buy them hot wings."

i finally bought this movie. mostly because i'm partial to raw film and uncomfortable conversation.
also because i love it when little kids analyze big kid concepts. like love.

but let's be honest, the ultimate reason is because i have an inexplicably mad love for michael cera...can inexplicable be used as an adverb? i don't know the answer to that.

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  1. paper heart. i love that movie and mr. cera more then i could find the words to say.


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