September 4, 2013

Can I be the girl that you met in the coin laundry?

We've recently decided that the laundromat down the street is not the most cost-effective place to wash and dry our delicates. Therefore, this will be the last time we climb inside of laundry carts and sweat for three hours in the laundromat, waiting for our goods to wash and dry. But Mels, it was fun to have a Ross & Rachel moment with you, anyway. 

As I am sitting here, irritated that it costs me a good ten dollars to do my laundry, I have somehow turned all sentimental. I'm going to miss these college days where I'm stressed about turning papers in on time, finishing math homework, and trying to find a soul mate. When it all comes to an end (in about a year, mind you) and I have to move away and start my real life with a real job and a real washing machine, I can feel myself already starting to miss this gorgeous life I've made for myself in a little college town. 

And, it is gorgeous. It is. 

Also, every time I'm here, this song by Lisa Mitchell always gets stuck in my head. 


  1. um hi, i've been in love with lisa mitchell forever now. that coin laundry song is the first one i ever heard and i fell in love instantly. tell me you've heard spiritus off her new album bless this mess... it's amazing.

    "trying to find a soul mate" - because come on, we all do it. i would walk on campus and spot cute boys only to discover that all the cutest ones had rings.

    i've said it before, but i have to say it again. i'm quite literally mad that it took me so long to find your blog. it's an instant (and surely forever) favorite.

  2. LOVE that song.

    It's interesting, how every phase of life has it's pro's and con's. But it seems like you appreciate each phase for what it is, and that is enviable.


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