September 4, 2013

Life in list form.

A list of things that are not going so well for me: 

1. Math 1010. It is FOR REAL out to get me. Point-
slope form can suck it and I'm serious.
2. My neighbor, Sam, is about twenty six years old
and has bleach blonde tips. I mean, ??
3. Tim Burton. He just is never one my list of people
who are doing great things for me. 
4. I'm taking a class about literature of the early Amer-
icas and it makes me want to kill myself basically every 
time I am in it. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We get 
it. Now can we please get back to Hemingway?
5. I don't own any silk pajamas.

A list of things that are going well for me: 

1. My lyric essay class. I think I've been writing 
like a lyric essayist for, like, my whole entire life.
2. You've Got Mail. I literally use any excuse I
possibly can to watch it because it's my
favorite movie of all time. 
     Example: Today, someone made reference to 
     The Godfather, so, naturally, I put it in the DVD
player and went to the mattresses
3. The editor of The Statesman, my school news-
paper called me up this morning and asked if I was 
still interested in writing for them. It took everything
inside of me not to scream "HELLS YEAH!" 
because apparently that's poor form.
4. Celine Dion has a new single out. WHY ARE
5. There's this boy.


  1. haha my word, i am so glad Meg pointed me in your direction. your blog is seriously my favorite thing on the planet!

  2. "Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We get
    it. Now can we please get back to Hemingway?"

    I'm sorry I quote you in every comment. I just can't help it. haha I loved that so much.

  3. What you said about Hemingway. I died. I died. I agree so much it's unreal. My favorite literary time period is The Lost Generation of American Lit. But then I get in American lit classes and they drown you in Hawthorne for a billion years and colonial stuff. JUST GIVE ME HEMINGWAY. I love your blog. Also, congrats on hearing from your school paper! That's awesome!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  4. once upon a time i thought i was done with school math forever. then i changed my major and they decided i needed to take stats again because somehow, nursing stats is way different (but it's really not) than family stats. DEATH. math is death, stats especially.


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