September 6, 2013

"'I-Don't-Want-Earl's-Baby Pie'. We'll call it 'Bad Baby Pie'"

I didn't feel like making my bed, so I made a pie. 

                          Just kidding.

What I actually did was I went to A&W for the chicken fingers and Root Beer and then I bought a pie from the grocery store. 

I went to see Austenland by myself. I felt a little foolish because by the end, I was tearing up and talking myself back into admitting that I really am just another one of those Mr. Darcy weirdos. I mean, for Heaven's sake. HE'S MR. DARCY! Anyway, after that, I got really obsessed with Keri Russell so I watched Waitress, which is one of my favorites and it inspired me to not miss waiting tables at all. It also inspired me to make a pie. Which I didn't exactly do. And now we've come full circle. 

All of this to say that it's the weekend which is basically a two day license to not make plans because I do what I want on weekends. 

And if you're judging me for blogging on a Friday night and being in bed before midnight, I'll have you know that I did go to a hot, sweaty, raunchy dance party. Because I do things like that, too. I'm not exactly an introvert. I am evenly balanced. 

P.S. you are all seriously just too kind for your own good. I feel like I gained an entire new group of friends this week when Meg introduced all of us to each other, and I love you all so much already. Your blogs are inspiring to say the least. Let's keep being friends with each other for the rest of forever, mmmmk? 


  1. oh my gosh! i really want to see that. i read the book in high school, and was soo excited to see that they made a movie. i take it that you liked it. haha and girl, who needs to actually bake things when there is a perfectly good grocery store or bakery around every corner! actually, probably just the grocery store. lets be real, i can't afford a pie from the bakery. hahaha and i am soooo happy Meg linked us to your blog. friends forever pretty please!

  2. I saw a movie and one of the lines was, "Why would you ever make anything? It's cheaper and easier just to buy stuff." I live by this. Why spend a few hours making a pie when you could be eating a different pie at the time?

    I read the book of Austenland and remember it being sweet and light. I hope the movie was good!

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