September 21, 2013

You said it, Aubrey Plaza.

I want you all to know that it's Friday night and I was literally in bed by 9:45. I had a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks, a multigrain bagel, and a hot, hot shower. The older I get, the more I look forward to lying in a bed that's bigger than necessary (I don't even like sleeping in the middle of it! I sleep on the right side... always!) on Friday and Saturday nights, watching my favorite movies. Because during the week, I do homework, go to meetings, write articles, drink too many Diet Cokes, and try to be a normal twenty-one year old college student. I often feel guilty for not making myself more available on the weekends, for not answering my cell phone sometimes, for not attending more weddings... I just... I'm exhausted! Do you feel like that by Friday, too?

Which is why I have spent my evening watching Meg Ryan movies. I didn't even know I had this many! You know how sometimes you just buy things? Subconsciously, I am a chronic Meg Ryan movie buyer. And the harsh reality is that I'm never going to be her. Boo.

Also, I bought a coffee table today. And if you haven't smelled Bergamot Woods from Bath & Body's fall collection, the candle smells like a sparkly vampire. I highly suggest it. That was for my sister.

Aaaaand, you know, I was thinking... I would do very well in New York City. Can you just imagine? Writing all day every day in cafes, doing readings at small and large book stores, riding the subway, wearing infinity scarves and not having to drive a car anywhere? Well, I want that. Tonight, I told my friend, Ryan, that if we aren't married to other people by the time he's thirty (that's four years from now) we're moving to New York City and doing important things with our lives. Because we deserve that.

P.S. You've Got Mail, if you're not already aware (how can you not be if you know this blog at all?) is my favorite movie (Following at a close second is When Harry Met Sally). And there's that part where Kathleen Kelly is realizing that Joe Fox is Joe Fox and he says he has to get back to his date because he doesn't want to talk to Kathleen anymore. Anyway, he gets out of the conversation by saying, "Excuse me. I have to get back. I've got a very thirsty date. She's part camel." Kills me every time. THAT JOE FOX!


  1. Peppermint hot chocolate and lazy nights in are two of my favourite things. I watched You've Got Mail last week too and remembered all over again why I love it, and When Harry Met Sally gets played around these parts quite often too x

  2. alright, soooo i think you just described a perfect Friday night.. yeah, i'm pretty sure. i am sooo with you. after a week of working i am completely drained by the time friday hits. if i want to be able to do anything worthwhile on Saturday, i have to take it easy on Friday. hahah yesterday i spent the night eating Apollo Burger fries, and watching The Amazing Spider-man with my parents... and i loved it 100%.

  3. Aubrey Plaza is my spirit animal. She's perfect. And this is my dream weekend too. I see so many people during the week that I just feel like I deserve to have a few days to myself to sit in ratty pajamas and watch movies about people doing important things. While I sit. And eat red velvet pancakes.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  4. My favorite Joe Fox line is, "Patricia is amazing. Patricia....makes coffee nervous." haha every time I hear that I just laugh and laugh. Which is why I like watching movies like You've Got Mail alone because whenever anyone else is there they think I'm kind of a loon. Which, maybe I am.

    And yes, I get that way on Fridays. I would definitely be even more that way if I were a full-time student like you. So...I say, no need to feel guilty. You enjoy that big empty bed and your ever-growing Meg Ryan movie collection. And your plans to move to NY. Because I can just see you on that subway now.


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