August 4, 2010

intoxicated by happy.

i really love to be happy.

and i also love:

sacrificing my pretty sleep for 500 da
ys of summer.
that i have a polaroid
ap that lets me take lovely pictures.
saying the word lovely.
that i might start t
his movie over again and watch it until the end. again.
that it's 2 in the morning, and i have no intention of going to bed.
that i have the mid-shift at the hot dog stand two days in a row. :)
that i'm lying in a big bed right now with lots
of pillows and the fan on high.
that my mom and i had a talk s
unday night about nothing.
my happy, brilliant, wonderful, dear sweet mother who loves me just because i exist.
that i get to move in two and a
half weeks and meet people who don't know anything about me.
that i'm turning into someone i want to be. it has taken me a while, and i'm still working on it. but i'm close. i can feel it.
that i bought pretty flo
wered patterned tights today.
the word pre
that i don't know
what love really is yet. i can't wait until i find out. it gives me butterflies just to think about.
getting butterflies.
my iphone.
studded earrings.
old grey t-shirts.
art galleries.

ironed clothes.
it when a boy leaves on a mission.
it when a boy comes home from a mission and shows the world his awkward side.
that before i go to bed, a bowl of life cereal always sounds appetizing.
to fall in like. it happens to me about once a day in various categories.
hearing bits of conversations and writing them down so i can look at them later.
writing things down.

my friends that i will miss so much when i get outta town.

joseph gordon levitt.
t.v.s with antennae.
movies with an honest script.
flowers that look like baloons.
red finger nail polish.
circlular diamonds.
the reality and expectation scene t
hat makes this movie greater than it already is.
an lds boy.
bow ties.

today, i was intoxicated with happy.

but i must report the week as

i'm back from pc. the fam is g
one and i am sad. but i feel a little bit of structure seeping into my life again, and it feels good. in all honesty, good isn't the right word. i feel clean. structure makes me feel clean.

you know, clean.

like as in you just got out of the shower, and you feel like you can take a deep breath. that is, unless the bathroom is not clean. in that case, you feel dirtier than when you got in.

but my bathroom is clean.
so i can take a deep breath.
and breath in that beautiful structure.

in the pc last week, w
e had quite the little storm.
what an understatement that was.

it was like a clash of the titans up there.
but the sky fell, and all was wonderful.

here are a few pictures of what we saw in that little m
ountain town that wants to be german.

our view into wonderful rain.

i loved this.

...and this.

oh. and i loved photo-shopping this.

we played no peaky leaky, {or i wanna leak a peaky} jammed to sara, drove through that stunning canyon, shopped at the outlets, and ate like kings. among other things.

but back to my night of blithe emotions.

i've been polaroiding.
and loving it.

a few weeks to go until the split.
and i'm spending my time snapping digital polaroids of the people i love to love.
so here are some samples of my first ones.

i really love my best friend.
and how upside down tacos make great smiles.

our missionary friend.

polaroid lovin.

this picture says so much. by saying so little.

a few lovely people.

it was all just so blissful.
i am so happy that happy loves me too. :)

happy intoxication day!


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  2. Who is your friend Joe?

    Great post... loves!


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