August 26, 2010

who doesn't want the scottsman stuck in their head all day?

let me focus on the lovely things.

our living room is a giant. it's the kind of living room that makes the other living rooms jealous.
there is new art in my room.
i am constantly moving.
maybe i'm wearing an edward cullen shirt. and maybe i'm too embarrassed to admit that it's comforting.
austin is visiting us on friday.
logan huntsburger is real. as well as in my ward.
there are hot pockets in the freezer, and lemon bar mix in the pantry.
i made a new friend.

now for the not so lovely... a few brief acknowledgments are in order.

dear school: you are the weirdest.
dear ducks at the dam: you deserve better. i'm sorry.
dear mom and dad: i miss sleeping down the hall from you, and plus i miss family prayer.
dear tooth paste: secretly, you made me really miss home today. so tomorrow, i think i'll go with crest.
dear 1:00 a.m.: you are my bed time these days...
dear random loser who waltzed right into our house today: get your own orange juice.
dear candles: it's killin me not to burn you.
dear obnoxious twin sisters: please stop chomping on your gum while you're sitting behind me in class. and being dumb flirty girls that use words like "righteous" and "dang cool". there are two of you, and one of me. i beg of you. have mercy.
dear becca: why are you everywhere...

overall, it has been weird. not good or bad. just weird. so i'd like it to pick up with the good and roll with that trait for a while. is that too much to ask?

oh. and dear friends that don't blog. or read this. i miss you terribly. just in case you were wondering.


  1. Do you miss sisters too? Love you Courty. The good will come. The adjusting process takes time though. Loves.


  2. dear sisters: i miss you more than i miss those friends. it would sure be good to have you up here!!
    court... come home from i.f. already p.s.

  3. Amen, adjusting sucks. And I'm back! I'm sorry we left... :( I'm glad Austin came. And tomorrow we'll have family dinner. And find your classes.


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