August 16, 2010

maybe i only brushed my teeth tonight because the toothpaste was pink and sparkly.
i might not have washed my face before i crawled into bed.
and the pilot poster in my room right now looks an awful lot like ashton kutcher.
which i'm fine with.

i hate packing up my room.
and not having new music to listen to while packing up said room.
so now i'm sitting on my bed watching while you were sleeping waiting impatiently for my life to start picking up again.
summer. please just exit with a vote of thanks already. because you're really buggin.

and plus. i'm just now thinking of things that i should maybe have for my new life in a week.
like cookie sheets.
i have never thought so hard about a cookie sheet before.

it took me about a week to decide between two bed spreads.
and i have to take the reject back to the store tomorrow.
so that puts a stitch in my day.

at least sunday was good. very good.
it was my last one as a youth of the 4th ward.
then we had our last little sunday dinner complete with a pork roast and finger leg potatoes.
and how lovely those were.

the lovelies of today were these:
i wore a new skirt.
my hair looked blonder.
i actually did my hair. you know. i didn't just brush it out and go to church with wet hair.
i did it.
i ate so much sugar i could match the sands of the sahara.
aaaand i got to paint my nails whatever color i wanted.

have a great week you trusty followers, you. mine will be filled with bittersweet moving boxes and a daunting closet full of awkward memories.


  1. Are they fingerling or finger leg? haha, I love you squirt!

    p.s. I dream of painting my nails different colors... it's been 13 years now...

  2. haha well mom told me they were finger legs... but i trust you. finger legs freaked me out. hahahaha

  3. welcome to the world of finger polish:)


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