August 6, 2010

so that's when i knew that there's nothing better than sprite, pizza, and a pooring rain storm.

soooo i forgot that it's friday today.
but i'm tired of fun facts.

so then i had this idea to make a few brief acknowledgments:

to toaster: why did you break yesterday? you are my only source of breakfast.
to boyfriend: why are you not real.
to patterned tights: thank you for always being there for me when i need you most.
to t-strap shoes: i am your biggest fan.
to nordstom: i wish i could afford everything that you have to offer.
to 15 year old boy at subway: no matter how many times you leave a three dollar tip, you will always make me feel creeped out. i'm sorry. cut your hair and maybe we'll talk.
to face: please stop peeling. it's getting increasingly hard to put my makeup on.
to blackhead strip: we're in love. it's new, so forgive yourself for not realizing.
to shorts: i can't wait to trade you in for a nice long pair of skinny jeans.
to school clothes: i'm counting down the days until i can wear you. you're reeaally pretty. :)
to school: i don't know how i feel about starting you. we'll talk in two, three weeks tops.
to last pedicure: you suck.
to movies: i would watch you all day if i could.
to grey's: wow. you're addicting. and i watched 8 hours of you in the past two days.
to work: you're fun and i'm going to miss you. :(
to sweatshirts: can't wait to unpack you from boxes!
to red lipstick: let's give it a go, what do you say...?
to eat. pray. love.: can't wait until we meet!
to haircut: i can't wait.
to boy meets world: you're the best show to ever grace my childhood. and newly found adulthood. ironically enough.
to brother jake: whenever you laugh at something, it makes it way funnier than it was before. i don't know why.
to sprite: welcome back to my life. i've missed you. now could you please convince your cousin remix to come back? i miss her.

love, courty.

happy weekend!


  1. :-)))
    Blackhead strips don't work?

  2. your blogs make my blogs feel inferior.

  3. This is the best post that you have ever posted. Penguin ya =) can we be friends soon? Love you!

  4. To Courtney, love reading your old posts. Totally my favorite!Especially the part about sprite remix because I think all people ages 11-18 agree with that statement.


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