August 4, 2010

that time when i became unhealthily obsessed with polaroids.

did i mention that i like polaroids?
because i do.

here is the lovely i found today.
my new way of using the word lovely.
is as a noun.

i found this little gem in my library today.
we went sledding this day at an elementary school.
so naturally i polaroided it.
yes. polaroided.
it's a verb.

my new favorites.

domo, {which because i am art history obsessed, i always want to call duomo... as in brunelleschi's. any takers? no? hm. wrong venue.}
this little magazine clipping i snagged the other day.
i'm madly in like with it.
and that little awkward wanna-roid on the end there?
that guy has a happy things story.
i ate all of my chicken pot pie.
then i looked down. and realized that the only things left on my plate were peas.
subconsciously, i didn't eat the peas.
i picked those little guys out without even noticing.
i'm the 5 year old that hates peas.
but clandestinely, i love that i hate peas.
i don't know why.
it's times like these when i wonder if i'll ever grow up.

except that i did grow up today.
i... being 18 and all... got myself a blockbuster card and sold that video store out of grey's.
then found these faded glories of my pretty mountain.
and the temple that brings so much happiness to our little valley. :)

and then i plugged in mat kearney and drove up to the happiest place on earth.
and all was bliss.

temple deserved its own spot.
i was awfully pleased with this view.
i really really love my church.

i smudged it.
would you believe this?
my iphone ap gets smudged.
now that's quality polaroid.

i sure am going to miss this view.
my porch is the best way to visit the wasatch mountains.
please don't argue.

in other news...

i cried today when i drove down fort street.
i really love home.
thunder was breaking the sky and the clouds were folding into each other.
yet all i could see was lightening.
lots happened above our house tonight.

i didn't eat all day.
because i felt like my poor stomach was dying.
but then tonight i was hungry.
and the fridge was calling my name.
and so now i have a new favorite thing to do.

so then i sat cross-legged on the kitchen counter listening to the crunchy thunder
eating strawberry yogurt and the pc honey butter on toast.
and i was all alone.
and i shook when the thunder got really loud.
and i really liked it.

i think everyone deserves an iphone.
because there are too many moments that i'm so glad i catch.
without my friend iphone granny smith {because she's lime green}
i would lose those.
so do yourself a favor.
go buy yourself a niiiiice iphone.
you deserve it.

and for the record, i'm still happy.
happy goodnight! i hope you find lovely in your night tonight!


  1. i love your smudged polaroids, and the fact that you think i deserve an iphone.


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