August 26, 2010

it's like you're always stuck in second gear.

i wish i were here right now hearing them. it's kind of the depression of my day.
we left chicken to spill down into the stove last time we made dinner. and it burned all up.
so now our whole house smells like the color black.
it's the worst.
i walked lots today. and i think i'm getting blisters.
plus, i teared up when i was forced to watch a video today about patriotism.
actually i was wiping my really wet eyes.
very sneakishly.
those videos always get to me.
i love my country lots and lots.
and i can't control my tears when people talk about how much they love it too.
but i took these during a break in my day!
and i sort of love them...

and this is what our house looks like.

and i miss this girl.

well. now i have to go to the store for windex. and lysol.
because apparently i buy those things now.
happy thursday.
hang in there. friday is coming.


  1. Ohhh court, you're such a poet. Connections is such a joke. It'll get so much better once school starts.

  2. A couple things from your big sis:

    Love your fringe...because calling them bangs is so last decade!
    Zooey singing just makes life happy.
    Yay for college days...relish it and then go buy more cleaning supplies...all to soon you will be me...yelling at your kids to finish Saturday chores...BTW when did I turn into Mom?

  3. I love this blog post. I love you. And I love that we live in the same building. Nuff said.


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