March 2, 2012


a few things as of late that, coincidentally, all fall within the same genre:
-i'm a closet jason derulo fan.
never thought i'd see the day.
-i'm all about selena gomez. love you like a love song? some of her best work.
-i have eaten 2/3 of a 14 oz. bag of starburst jelly beans in the past 18 hours, and i'm not even mad about it.
(that doesn't really have anything to do with anything. but it's true nonetheless.)
-the small 13 year old girl inside of me got re-obsessed with jesse mccartney. have you seen him lately? he's on fire. that video might be a little bit on the raunchy side, but the song is killer. and he looks like my generation's leo. love it.
-last night, little miss, melons, and i made justin a birthday cake and wore purple all day long. we love him.
speaking of which, 

 it is very possible that this is my computer screen saver. 

p.s. did you see him on ellen yesterday? this was the best part.
he's totally adorable.

spring fever brings out the worst in me.
it makes me highly obsessed with famous people.
i mean, even more than usual.
some people get allergies, i get to googling.
i don't know what it is, but every year around this time, i just go a little crazy.
and this year, i got a twitter account. what is happening to me!
i coined a phrase yesterday: 

i think you understand.


  1. Courtney.... Jesse is not the only grown up now. JB is 18. Ah yea boi.
    Also. Spring fever for the Bieber. It just gets me...


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