March 28, 2012

that just happened.

missy: i would let kenny wormald spit on me.
me: yeah. i would too. he's the only person i would ever let spit on me.
missy: you're telling me that you wouldn't even let justin bieber spit on you?
me: well, okay. yeah.
mel: you guys are so weird.
missy, unphased: there are just some people that i would allow, and some i wouldn't.
mel: just because someone is famous, you both would let them spit on you. no matter who it was. you know it's true.
missy: false. russel brand.
me: alec baldwin.
missy: ew...
me: i would, though, let jimmy kimmel spit on me, just because he's famous.
missy: well, of course.
me: that, and, i kind of think he's adorable.
missy: but like, in a puppy dog way.
me: ...but in a way that still lets him know that i would be willing to have his babies.


  1. I stand my ground. Celeb spit. If they are hot it's not even gross.

  2. I love it. All of it.
    And totally hear you on the Kimmel thing.


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