March 6, 2012


hello, pretty little friends.
guess what.
i got tagged.

here are the rules:
1. post these rules.
2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged.

and so it begins...

1. i am as good at sports as i am at card games. (read: pathetic.)
2. i have girl crushes on selena gomez, mila kunis, and hilary duff.
3. i hate hanging up my clothes. 
4. i love twitter.
5. i would pretty much do anything to hang out with andy samberg and jason sudeikis.
6. everything about airplane bathrooms terrifies me. especially the ones on the really tiny CRJs. they're in the back of the plane, and they're horror machines.
7. one time i creeped so hard core on a boy that i went through the online class roster and searched every male name on FB, just to figure out his name. it didn't work. i still just refer to him as "musician hands".
8. i will always be lizzie mcguire's number one fan.
9. i'm completely obsessed with art deco.
10. my favorite televisions show is a tie between arrested development and scrubs.
11. if i could marry michael cera, i would do it.

1. what is your very first memory?
my very first memory is of my third birthday party. i wore a pink stetson and cowgirl boots. i remember toting around a lasso, and my parents gifted me with a beautiful pink toy chest that sits in my mother's basement to this very day.
2. if you had to choose between channing tatum, john krasinski, and ryan gosling, who would you choose?
easy. john krasinski e'rry day. it's the humor that really just gets me.
3.what is your favorite accessory?
stud earrings.
4. what can you not leave the house without?
5. why do you blog?
to preserve my sanity.
6. what is your favorite thing to do on a sunny day?
read a book on a blanket.
7. what are you most grateful for?
i am most grateful for funny friends. i pity people who don't have funny friends. seriously, what is life without an inappropriate joke here and there?
8. if your house was on fire, and you could only grab three things, what would they be?
my movie collection, box o' sweet letters, and let's be honest... my cell phone.
9. what is your favorite smell?
curve. it gets me every. single. time.
10. what is your best joke?
why did the girl fall off the swing? because she didn't have any arms.
11. ellen or tyra?
is that even a question? ellen.

tagged, suckas!
1. mrs. jacob kearns
2. mrs. michael kearns
3. miss elsa j.
4. mrs. alicia carter

1. if you could only pick one song to be your favorite, what would it be?
2. top 5 favorite celebrities. go!
3. what were your parents going to name you if they didn't go with what your name is now?
4. what is your least favorite chore?
5. who is your least favorite celebrity?
6. do you have a celebrity look alike? who is it?
7. if you had to spend the day with anyone from the jersey shore, who would you choose?
8. what is your most beloved childhood memory?
9. you're on a desert island, and can only bring two things. what are they?
10. justin bieber, or jess mccartney? choose wisely...
11. what is your favorite sit down restaurant?

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